Friday, March 02, 2007

Pizza Guys Revisited

Coolidge Corner- Brookline, Massachusetts
I (kind of) got caught as I photographed the guys from The Upper Crust through the window on this month's visit.


Evie Sears said...

Very nice candid photo.

MMM said...

Thanks Evie. I attend a monthly meeting near this place. My goal is to sneak a shot every month and post it!

Squarehead said...

Right after you snapped the shutter this guy says over his left shoulder;

"Hey, check out da babe wit da camera."...

The second guy says;

"Camera? It ain't cops is it?"

The first guy says;

"No it ain't cops, just dis babe wit a camera!"

The second guy says;

"Yeah, well it's a good ting Joey ain't here, he hates cameras."

The first guy chuckles and says;

"Yeah, dats a good ting."