Monday, March 13, 2006


Cochituate, Massachusetts
I am owned by the coolest dog in the universe.


extraspecialbitter said...

Bonita is so cool I just might write a haiku about her some day. :^)

MMM said...

She is quite the muse isn't she? :-)

Hermes said...

I so love this pic.

MMM said...

Thanks Hermes!

Anonymous said...

this one's funny, as well. mostly your comment :-p but thats a good photo, too.

Area 17 said...

What a cool dog! I wish the aussie dog that adopted me had been so cool, but with a name like Spot, and chasing cars head on, I don't think so. But we had great bicycle rides catching sun up.

a dog balloon shifts
to look at me

My first experience of Japanese rail travel and there's a dog that's a balloon!

Anonymous said...

pretty dog! good name ;-)

MMM said...

Thanks Alan and Pink Elephant Bonita is actually part Australian Cattle Dog. But maybe you had an Aussie Shepherd? Thanks for the haiku!

Area 17 said...

Part Australian Cattle Dog, grrreat!

Part Blue Heeler? I had loads of those guys around my farm house rental in Queensland. The older ones were mean lookin' dudes but really gentle, inquistive, and great to know.

Mine was a sort of Fox Terrier cross with another terrier, and polka dots.

on hind legs
licking the nose of the foal
a fox terrier pup

G'day Bonita!

MMM said...

Alan, She is indeed part blue heeler and part pit bull. She looks more pitty than ACD in this photo. Paul and I do Australian Cattle Dog rescue. We've rehomed many a heeler...taken them from naive people who stupidly purchased them pet stores without knowing that they are herding dogs who need a job! We usually get the call that they don't want the dog anymore when they are 8 months old, out of the cute puppy stage, and are herding the neighborhood kids by nippng at their ankles. They are an awesome breed (but not for everyone!) How great you got to experience them in Queensland! It is where the breed was "invented" I think.