Friday, April 07, 2006

Spring Time Frustration

Cochituate Ball Field, Cochituate, Massachusetts

Q. What could possibly be worse than your brand new toy stuck high up in a tree?

A. Getting the big stick you used to get it down stuck up there too.


robin hood said...

Really good images and text throughout this "blog". Like it.

eric l houck jr said...


MMM said...

Welcome Rusty! Thanks guys for the compliments. This wasn't an exceptional photo- only something funny I saw when I happend to look up while walking the dog...Which can be dangerous if you are walking where other dogs have gone before. :-)

Wolf said...

Ahh, thats too bad! We have one of those sitting in my sons room, waiting
for the perfect launch day! we'll be sure to stay far away from any trees! :(