Friday, December 15, 2006

Stepford Wives

Boston, Massachusetts
Last weekend I met up with some dog rescue friends who were volunteering at an outreach booth at a big fancy dog show.
Being involved with rescue you learn to appreciate each individual, yet imperfect snowflake of a dog for exactly what they are. Most of which were badly bred or a mix of who-knows-who-your-daddy-was.
The whole idea of breeding dogs to look exactly alike kind of creeps me out.


Anonymous said...

great title!

polona said...

that photo creeps me out, too.
great post!

Dave MacIntyre said...

What a cool shot! It looks like an Irish Setter cloning room! :)

MMM said...

Thanks. Even though the quality of the photo isn't that great I though the overall photo was to cool to keep it to myself!

Poramit said...

look like clone dog...they look exactly same:-P love yr tittle:-P

MMM said...

Hee Hee...Thanks PT!