Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Cochituate, Massachusetts
I'd like to send a big Happy New Year shout out to everyone who took the time in 2006 to visit this photoblog.
Thanks for letting me share a bit of my goofy little world with you.
Thanks to my hubby and all the writers and poets who stop by and leave wonderful comments and poems.
Also, thanks to all the fantastic photobloggers who stop by- Your comments and encouragement mean the world to me and your blogs are a source of inspiration and awe.
OK- Enough. This is starting to sound like an award acceptance speech... Must be the tiara that got me in this mood.


Dave MacIntyre said...

Happy New Year Triple-M! Looking forward to more great stuff from you in 2007. Cheers!

Alex said...

All our best wishes too for a New Year filled wiht New hope, New joy new beginnings and many more nice posts.

Anonymous said...

Anotehr Paris Hilton shot, I see.....:)

MMM said...

Dave- Back at ya!

Alex- Thanks. Maybe I'll run into you with your camera in Boston some time!

Aurora- The tiara suits her, doesn't it? We have a friend who calls our dog "Miss Massachusetts" and insists she is prettier than most of his female friends. :-)