Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fake Jake

Brimfield, Massachusetts
A fake cow keeps a close eye on a fake Jake & Elwood Blues at the Brimfield Antiques Show.


TRM said...

Whaddaya want fer nuthing....a rubber bisquit????

That place looks like a huge ecclectic garage sale, always enjoy what single out there.

eric l houck jr said...

i'm darn tempted to move to brimfield just for the photo opportunities. great eye!

MMM said...

TRM- It IS a gigantic and eclectic! It spans a mile on each side of the highway and takes up something like 50 acres! I love Brimfield...most of our house is furnished from there. Now I mostly go to take photos...instead of spending money. :-)

MMM said...

Eric- You so would NOT want to live there. The traffic is terrible during the 3 weeks/year that the show takes place. The normally sleepy New England town is overrun by thousands of people like me!