Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Santa Fe, New Mexico

The official greeter outside a gallery along Canyon Road.


MMM said...

How sad is it that I'm commenting on my own post?! :-) I just can't believe no one out there said "This isn't a dobie- it looks like a pit bull mix." Sigh....All my bad-pun commenters must be watching the Red Sox.

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

well I popped in thinking it was time to drop a comment and I always love pictures of dogs - saw your comment and thought I'd better take another look -- dobermans and pit-bulls are usually black and never sandy-coloured like this wee mutt - what breed it is or from what parentage I've no idea - obviously a Heinz dog [57 varieties - British joke!]

MMM said...

Ackworth- Pitt bulls over here come in all colors and patterns. (Well, maybe not plaid.) But they certainly can be this color. I'm guessing this is a pitty mix of some sort! As far as dobies go...I was making a very lame joke. (Adobe = a dobie). Oh well!