Thursday, June 21, 2007

On The Road

Somewhere Near Sturbridge- On The Mass Pike, Westbound
I know it is hard to tell from the photo...but I took this shot of the SUV driving next to me while we were both going about 70 mph on the Mass Pike last weekend. I was behind the wheel of my own car and stuck my camera out the window. Don't try this at home. Tomorrow morning I begin a 1000 mile solo road trip. Hopefully I'll encounter lots of photos waiting to be had.


extraspecialbitter said...

make no mistake: trying this at home - i.e. driving at any speed - will cause major structural damage.

TRM said...

Taking photos while driving is a little tricky. When I first got my digital camera I was shooting every where while I was driving, made for some interesting shots. Enjoy your road trip.

extraspecialbitter said...

I have to say it: the passenger in the vehicle next to you looks particularly menacing.