Friday, June 01, 2007

Trombones and Life Savers

Brimfield Antiques Show, Brimfield Massachusetts
Back in the day, I managed a New Orleans style brass band. The leader of the band was, um, pathologically disorganized (among many other diagnoses). New Orleans type brass bands are supposed to be big and messy and fun and spontaneous...but he took the description to a whole new level. Normally the band was made up of a couple of drummers, trombones, tubas, trumpets, a couple of sax players, etc. We had a lot of experienced musicians to call upon and the band was never comprised of the same people twice in the entire time I worked with them....always a source of anxiety for yours truly who likes to live in a world where her ducks (and brass band musicians) stay neatly in rows.
I had booked us at a nice paying corporate gig as a 9 piece band. I should have known things were worse than usual when the band leader was on the phone trying to recruit players as we were driving to the gig.
We ended up with 2 drummers and 7 trombone players.
My life saver was when the crowd started downing the free hurricane cocktails. Before the end of the night the crowd was in love with the band.


extraspecialbitter said...

this could be the first time I've ever heard anyone describe being saved by a hurricane!

Dave MacIntyre said...

Brilliant shot! I'd have that one hanging on my wall if I were you!!!

TRM said...

Pathologically disorganized, thank you I now have a diagnoses for my existence and the chaos and clutter that accompanies me. Cool shot too, that place is a treasure trove of photo ops.

MMM said...

Thanks guys! Brimfield IS a treasure trove. When I was taking this photo a guy wearing a t-shirt that read "When I was your age I walked two miles up hill to have sex and get high" came up to me and asked "What the hell are you taking a picture like that for?!" I asked "How can I NOT take a picture of this?" :-)

Jeff Callaway said...

Hey Mary,

I started a Facebook group called the IFBTG (International FaceBook Trombonist's Guild) and am using your wonderful "Trombones" photo (with credit, of course). I hope this is okay, if not, please let me know and I'll remove it.


Jeff Callaway

MMM said...

Hey Jeff,
I'd be thrilled if you use that photo. I'm on I'll join the group!