Friday, May 19, 2006

Rain Delay

Pawtucket, Rhode Island
I dug into the archives for another photo from Red Sox Nation.


Trena said...

I really like your sense...your art. Your willingness to dig. A Dug-Out Mama? Not sport, life ;)

Trena said...

ps. Schilling. Is this the D-Backs very own X?

Little Onion said...

we don't have baseball but our cricket gets stopped by rain 'rain stopped play' i take my son to football (soccer) and the picture got me thinking back and to an older poem of mine - 'the first time'...

the first time
I left my son alone
seat G 110
the West Stand
Walkers Stadium
was a big moment
for both of us
a pukka pie and a coke


sangeet said...

I love this one Mary!


extraspecialbitter said...

trena - this is indeed the same Curt Schilling who left Arizona for Redder (Sox) pastures. we can forgive this indiscretion because he is possibly a blood relative of Mary's.

MMM said...

Thanks everyone! Yes, ESB is correct. My grandmother's maiden name is Schilling. We have a photo of "Cousin Curt" next to a photo of my grandmother in our dining room and they there is a strong family resemblance! But honestly we don't know for sure if he is related. Especially if he isn't pitching well ;-)