Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Red Sox Nation

Maynard, Massachusetts
Even though I'm not a sports fan, I still have to love the rabid Red Sox fans who inhabit the environment around here. Here is Ronnie Earl, a wonderful, tasteful Boston musician...so soulful, decked out in his African garb...yet he still can't bear to change out of his Red Sox t-shirt before he goes on stage.


Anonymous said...

Nicely captured.:)

Trena said...

A strong portrait. Nuances of delicate balance - giving in to the soul but staying loyal (fighting?, rooting?) to his team.

Maybe one in the one in the same?

Which makes, for the careful eye, a contrast in content rather than than the composition (I'm a total photography amatuer but seasoned apprecatior) but I think the composition is contrast or juxtaposition also?

Pro or amateur, I bet the receiver appreciated his gift of music and poetry as I do this photo.

Again, Melody, Thank you.

extraspecialbitter said...

thrown out at home --
for Red Sox Nation

MMM said...

Thanks everyone! I'm certainly not a professional photographer...nor do I play one on TV. But I'd say that a lot of my photos have some type of justapositon going on in them. I think that is why they work so well with haiku.

Trena said...

very, very, well ... indeed.