Thursday, July 27, 2006

Airline Karma

Seat 19A- 25,000 feet above Massachusetts
I helped an elderly woman get one of her bulky carry-on bags onto the plane and got myself settled.

Even though he was looking at the empty seat next to me as he approached, the 350 lb. sweaty guy kept right on going down the aisle. Yessssss!


polona said...

good karma!
enjoyed the shot, too.

Dave MacIntyre said...

Oh Man...thank goodness. That could make for one long flight! :D

Trena said...

jet plane -
leaving to the
point of no return

extraspecialbitter said...

above the clouds --
for once I know exactly
where I am

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic shot!

MMM said...

Thanks everyone! May none of you ever have to sit next to someone who needs the seatbelt extender!