Saturday, July 01, 2006

Theme Night

Waltham, Massachusetts
Never a good sign to have firemen on the roof of the restaurant.

It started out as a typically pleasant Friday night. Dinner and a movie with Mr. ExtraSpecialBitter. We noticed the hook and ladder at an Italian restaurant as we walked by. The firemen were heading down off the roof, so I snapped a photo. Nothing special, but I liked how he looked up there on the ladder in the setting sun. As we turned and walked away I made a wise-crack about "blackened" chicken fettuccini being the night's special on their menu.
My karmic payback for this remark was not far away...

At the brewpub around the corner we were seated in the front window. I set my camera on the ledge and took this shot through the glass. Continuing with theme night, he is smoking while leaning against a fire alarm.

About 45 minutes later with about 3 bites of my dinner and half a pint of ale left, karmic payback kicked in, the theme of the evening continued, and the fire alarm screamed to life in the brewpub. We were escorted out to the sidewalk with a couple dozen other patrons and wait-staff. Many people brought their beer with them (to prevent it from evaporating in the fire, I'm sure). Because the a/c in the place hadn't been working and it was actually much cooler outside, the crowd on the sidewalk became "intoxicated with the lovely evening air" and everyone got a little silly. Above is the firefighter who must have drawn the short straw- He was assigned to stand by the truck and watch the crowd in front of the brewpub. His buddies were luckier...they got to enter into the smoke-filled, overheated kitchen and climb up into the ventilation shaft.

PS- No one was injured in the making of this blog entry and I'm not sure there were any actual flames at either establishment.


Bob said...

Sounds like a fun evening.

Dave MacIntyre said...

Good times indeed! :o)

MMM said...

A good time was had by all. (Except maybe the firefighter doing crowd control...)