Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Buy Our CD!

Boston, Massachusetts
As you might expect Independence Day is a big deal here in Boston.
(Think: Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, etc.)
We have tons of reenactments happening all over town, plus people dressed like Ben Franklin and Paul Revere wandering about answering lots of touristy type questions.
The above photo was taken after being catapulted back to 1776 by a fife and drum corp...
and then shocked back into reality when they finished performing and their manager grabbed a microphone and started peddling their CDs.


Dave MacIntyre said...

I don't think a drum core CD would wash very well on the "party barge" I plan on partying on this weekend....Drum N' Bass?....well that's another story.

MMM said...

LOL! Come a CD mix of drum n' bass & drum n' fife combined! That might have a sobering effect on the crowd, however.

Enjoy your weekend...hopefully I'll get back into town for more Independence Day shots before all the powdered wigs have disappeared.

Bob said...

What a hoot! So was the making of the CD before or after the Tea Party? Love the post and your commentary.

MMM said...

Fraser- Maybe like all good record companies they released the CD just in time for the "Party"!!??