Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Brimfield Antiques Show- Brimfield, Massachusetts
Good advice all around.


Dave MacIntyre said...

This is SO good. A really cool shot and awesome in B&W!

Little Onion said...

when we were young
we'd collect bottles from neighbours
and hand them in at the corner store collecting the deposits just a few coins but gold to us

then bottles started to be labled 'non-deposit' now they have no such label - all are 'non-deposit'


MMM said...

Thanks Dave!

LO- When ESB and I were in your country everything we drank came out of a tap- So we didn't have to worry about redemption- Well, bottle redemption anyway :-)

Little Onion said...

i have a feeling that ESB would be into tap and mallet culture with a handle like that - and supporting York i seem to remember - so anything from tadcaster way - sammy smiths, john smiths et al - ny favourite bottled beer is probably still 'Newcastle Brown'... but a bottle of Theakstons Old Peculiar will do nicely too

You really should have called and in seen us - next time eh?

extraspecialbitter said...

LO - Supporting York City didn't do much for their fortunes I'm afraid. Would you like me to start rooting for Sheffield United?

Yes, we were remiss in missing the trip from Cropton to Loughborough. Next time we'll have to avoid such staples as blood pudding or anything else black and crunchy. :~)