Friday, September 01, 2006


Cochituate, Massachusetts

About 6 years ago a semi-reclusive neighbor decided to stop mowing his back yard. Over the years I've watched the grass grow higher and the bittersweet vines, weeds and animals take over.

Last year I thought about calling the town...not really to complain...more out of curiosity to ask exactly what the rules were, if any...about mowing your yard. But I believe any American homeowner should be free to paint their house fuchsia with a touch of orange trim or express themselves in whatever way they choose on their own property- So that part of me won out and I never made the call.

Good thing. Someone just told me my neighbor works for the town.

He mows the lawns in all the town parks.


Squarehead said...

Yet he doesn't mow his own...hhmm.. He's with the underground, I'm sure of it. Failing to mow his yard? Sure sign of a hardcore rebel. Do be careful.

Dave MacIntyre said...

How bizarre! But as the old saying goes, the cobbler's children need new shoes!

Chad Oneil said...

That is peculiar. I think one of my friends has a neibor that mows lawns but doesn't take good care of his own.

The fencing in the photo has a rough and rusty "feel" to it.

20-20 said...

Good thinking on your part.

p.s. At first I simply liked your photographic sensibility.

MMM said...

Thanks 20-20. Welcome! I checked out your photoblogs and really like them. I guessed from just looking at your photos that they were taken in the U.P. (Where I grew up.) I see I was close!