Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Night On The Town

Brimfield Antiques Show- Brimfield, Massachusetts
A little mineral makeup, and some serious lip liner and she'll be ready for a night on the town.


Dave MacIntyre said...

Wow! She's totally hot! And I love that she is comfortable with her body...a dream date! HAHAHAHA! :D

Anonymous said...

I dunno, maybe I'm still digging that Russian lit theme from the previous post, but I see her as a heroine in a novel. You know the kind that have a bride sobbing in her torn wedding gown, running through the cemetery, with flowers clutched to her breast..... Yeah, I know, I read too much.:)

Great shot, MMM.

Squarehead said...

Looks like maybe she's already had a night on the town......I'm just sayin'.

MMM said...

Dave- You might find that she's on the quiet side, though.

Aurora- I can see this turning into a romance novel, maybe? :-)

Squarehead- I have a friend from down south who would say "She's looks like she's been rode hard and put up wet."