Monday, October 16, 2006

Bait & Switch?

Wayland, Massachusetts

Buyer beware!


Anonymous said...


polona said...

you really have the eye to find the weirdest things :)

MMM said...

Polona- I take that as a huge compliment! My world *is* a little weird, I guess. :-) I'd NEVER be able to find the wonderful shots that seem to come so easily to you- All the great little insects, wildlife, tiny flowers and beautiful things in nature that are totally invisible to me- they seem so perfectly captured by you.

Alex said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by in Boston weekly Photo blog. I’m glad to discover that you are also promoting the Boston area with eloquent and unique photos along with very good commentaries too.
This one is really good and so original. Bravo!

Dave MacIntyre said...

And all these years I thought those were just Boston-Style Watermelons....I feel like I've been had.

MMM said...

Aurora & Polona, thanks again. I took this photo during a brief and boring drive back from an appointment at my accountant's office. Sometimes the weirdest things appear when you aren't hunting for them!

Alex- Thanks for stopping by. I'm enjoying your Boston Photoblog.

Dave- You crack me up. Remind me never to asking for a watermelon margarita at your house!