Thursday, October 05, 2006

I Promise!

Canyon Road- Santa Fe, New Mexico

I promise never, ever again to make eye contact and nod thoughtfully while secretly compiling our dinner menu and grocery list in my head as you are waxing eloquently in regard to the how superior Unix is compared to Microsoft (again). ...Or when you explain in great detail the pros and cons (along with the country of origin) of the dozens of (free!) operating systems available on Unix…or something. How does that all work again? I WILL pay attention this time.

I promise never, ever again complain that the grass is taller than the dog in the back yard as you spend an entire weekend trying to tweak the above mentioned operating system into do something that any other “normal” computer does right out of the box.


Because, techno-man of my dreams, you performed CPR on my laptop and breathed just enough life back into it to be able to retrieve my Santa Fe photos. You worked your IT magic and plucked the photos from my computer’s scrambled mind right before the brain transplant- even though others said it couldn't be done.

ExtraSpecialBitter you totally rock!


Dave MacIntyre said...

Wow!!! Nice one dude!!! That should earn him UNLIMITED viewing of Boston Bruins games (or whatever) without complaint! Hehehehe!!

Seriously though...very cool that you got your pictures back!

extraspecialbitter said...


I have a sign around my neck that reads "will work for beer". :^)

PT said...

southwest feel:-)...great composition and colors r amazing:-))

extraspecialbitter said...

Canyon Road --
sign above the sleeping couple
reads: "antiques"

Canadia-eh said...

oh wow. Those reds are on fire! Love that shadow as well.

Computers are such fickle things. Thank goodness you didn't lose this anything!

micki said...

Great image!! I love the colors!!

MMM said...

Thanks everyone Santa Fe is such a magical place.

Dave- It will definitely be unlimited Red Sox viewing when the time comes!

Trena said...

aah ... recovery is a beatiful thing! Thanks for the wonderful photos.

Unix? My oldest son keeps on about Linux. Linux this, Linux that. Shells and GUI and OS. I think the closest I'll come to getting my lawn mowed by him is focusing on that single blade of grass? :)

extraspecialbitter said...

trena - if your son focuses on that blade of grass long enough, he just might be able to write a haiku about it. hey, it's something...

extraspecialbitter said...

Santa Fe sun --
the ristra
on an adobe wall