Thursday, October 19, 2006

Beautiful Guitars Part II

Blues legend Paul Rishell at Johnny Ds in Somerville, Massachusetts

I took all of these photos without a flash or tripod. I smushed the camera into my face, held my breath and was pretty happy with the gritty outcome.


Squarehead said...

WOW! Hey Trip-M, that's as good as it ever gets. What a picture! This one says way more than a thousand words. No flash, no tripod, just bang. Like an old gunfighter shootin' from the hip.

MMM said...

Thanks Squarehead! Besides going for a natural light look, I decided that using a flash would have been rude- we were sitting that close to the stage. I could have blinded half the crowd with the flash reflection off the shiny National Steel guitars too!

Chad Oneil said...

Very cool image.