Monday, October 02, 2006

Some Blues Guitar In The Background Please...

"The Chicken Bone Saloon" Framingham, Massachusetts
Back from Santa Fe. Very much full of the blues.
I took a few shots that had some nice potential...
-Beautiful red chiles.
-The incredible texture of adobe in the setting sun.
-Insane people under the influence of too much tequila ;-)
Was so careful to download them every day to my laptop to free up space on my digital camera.
Oh so organized.
Got home last night to find my laptop hard drive (and all my photos on it) has crashed and blown away like a New Mexican tumbleweed.
I'm very sad.
PS- This is our friend Joey Pappas from The Paramounts-
An excellent / underrated Boston blues band.
We saw them a few nights before we left.


Squarehead said...

Welcome back. Very sorry about your lost pictures, that is sad.

This pic is great! Looks like it should be an album cover.

Dave MacIntyre said...

Rotten luck about the laptop....sorry to hear that. :(

Love this blues shot though.

polona said...

don't you hate it when such things happen... sorry about the laptop :(

love this pic, though (and welcome back)

Trena said...

I'm sorry for the loss, too. But cheered by this photo. Sure would make a nice album cover or promo. So glad you've come back from the desert trail where agave is plentiful!

MMM said...

Thank you everyone for attending this wake for my hard drive. Your condolences mean a lot to me!