Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Breakfast With Iggy

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
We met each morning at the outdoor all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet...


Trena said...

Hey, There!

Love this! Love his name ;) Each morning? Like the seagull or the pigeon? Did you get to feed him? How close did he come, shy or bold? Did you learn his species?

Sorry, this is what this photo does for me!!!!!! :):)

If I may, 'IGGY' on my desktop at work?

What a magnificent creature!

Thank you so much! T

Trena said...

p.s. Smorgasbord ;)

MMM said...

Thanks for the kind words. Yes... Iggy (my made up name for him...and every iguana I've met, actually was there every morning. One waiter called him "the camera ham"...He was fairly tame and people left out romaine lettuce for him and his buddies to nibble on.

I'm IGnorant when it comes to IGuanas...so perhaps someone more knowing can tell us about his exact species.

Throw Iggy on your desktop...It is important to start you day looking at a face that wise!

See my next post for other bold animals of Cabo San Lucas :-)

extraspecialbitter said...

the Cabo sun
never too hot
for the iguana