Wednesday, June 21, 2006

First Day Of Summer

Cochituate, Massachusetts
And I thought we lived close to Starbucks! Mr. Extraspecialbitter and I literally have a Starbucks in our back yard. He never goes there but I occasionally embrace the overpriced caffeinated beverage lifestyle and today enjoyed an iced tea (venti-black-unsweetened-vanilla-shot for those of you who speak Starbucks esperanto) while hanging out on their patio with the house sparrow.


Dave MacIntyre said...

Starbucks mochachino latte with whip cream is the equivalent to legalized crack-cocaine!!! YUMMMM!!!!!

I see these birds are hooked too! ;o)

Nice one.

Bob said...

Good to see Starbucjs being of use

MMM said...

Thanks Dave & Bob! PS- The landlord knocked the nest down the next day. :-(