Monday, June 19, 2006

Got Sheep?

Natick, Massachusetts
Another border collie looking for sheep in all the wrong places.
This time in the parking lot of the local suburban mega-supermarket.
I think the loose carriages all over the parking lot were really calling out to him to be herded neatly back together.


Bob said...

When we lived in New Zealand, we had an "eye dog." This was the local term for a dog that would stare down sheep and control them. Even as a puppy, he would lowewr his neck between his shoulders and try to stare down any of us. He was fun and this dog reminds me of him. Thanks for the memories!

MMM said...

You are welcome Fraser! Yes, I've heard about the border collie "eye". Even though I weirdly seem to run into border collies every weekend to photograph I actually do Australian Cattle Dog rescue. There is a friendly rivalry between the ACD & BC people. Cattle dogs control the livestock by nipping at their heels...Not as much finesse as how the BCs herd but you have to admire the ACD's tenacity.