Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hopping Cretins

Cape Cod Coliseum- South Yarmouth, Massachusetts
I was listening to The Ramones song ""Cretin Hop" yesterday and it prompted me to dig through my archives and play with a few old photos.
I took this shot of The Ramones in 1981 or there-abouts. I forced my way to the front of the crowd in what felt like 150 degree heat in the place. When I was done taking photos I had to shove my way through a pogoing, moshing group of maniacs and I lost one of my flip flops in the ordeal. I was dripping wet, missing a shoe but didn't really care because I knew I had a few good shots. Ah...youth!
"You gotta keep your feet in- From the hopping cretins."
I know those aren't exactly the lyrics...but they should be.


Dave MacIntyre said...

Oh man! How cool! I wish I had of seen the Ramones. Awesome post.

MMM said...

Thanks Dave!

Squarehead said...

I was going to comment on this the other day, but I was sedated.

MMM said...

squarehead- And here I thought you had a lobotomy!

Squarehead said...

Well they tried that Trip-M, but the doctor kept breaking his instruments on the corners of my very square head. They gave up and just dosed me.