Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Post-Halloween Swamp Fog

Cochituate, Massachusetts
Across the street from our house...Very early this morning.

Not a big surprise that trick-or-treaters never dare walk down the dirt road to ring our doorbell.


Squarehead said...

Okay, the Dracula thing. It's cool, it's in keeping with 10-31 and all. But this? Hey, Cochituate doesn't happen to be anywhere near Salem, does it?

MMM said...

Squarehead- No witches in this swap...We have something much more horrifying that makes blood curdling sounds in the deep of night: FISHER CATS!!!

Dave MacIntyre said...

Crazy cool! Amazing shot to post in B& kinda stuff.

polona said...

way cool!
that stump near left bottom looks like one of those fisher cats.

Syann said...

I love this one. Those heavy shadows and that light streaming in from the top--it's perfectly creepy!

MMM said...

Thanks Dave!

Polona- You are right!! Although most fisher cats are too crafty and creepy to be caught on film.

Canadia-eh- Thanks! Because of workmen coming into our house I had to get up a couple of hours earlier than normal. These are the things you see when you drag your butt out of bed as the sun comes up.