Thursday, November 09, 2006

Looking Up

Cochituate, Massachusetts

Shot through the sun roof of my car.

While parked. :-)


extraspecialbitter said...

you do have a great shot of the Old Customs House that was taken out of the passenger window while traveling south on I-93.

extraspecialbitter said...

November sun —
let’s ignore the unraked leaves
just one more day

Kristen said...

Cool shot! Something many of us (with sunroofs) have seen, but who'd'a thought to snap a picture of it??

Squarehead said...

What an eye you have. Glad you were parked. I like Mr. Bitter's haiku, it says it best.....When are you guys gonna do a book? When you do, this shot should be on the cover.

polona said...

love it!

MMM said...

ESB- At least you were behind the wheel when I took the Custom's House photo! I just wanted people to know that I wasn't driving down the road when I took the sun roof photo...Don't try this at home! Thanks for the awesome 'ku too!

Thanks Kristin & Polona!

Thanks! We are just waiting to be "discovered" by a book publisher. Yeah, right! ;-)