Saturday, November 18, 2006

Three Lamps And A Pepsi

Cochituate, Massachusetts

Outside the nursing home.


Squarehead said...

...and the Pepsi has clearly defeated the small chest of drawers.

MMM said...

Squarehead- I believe you are correct. You know what is weird about this photo? All the lamps are in EXACTLY the same spot on the chests.

Which leads me to believe they are bolted there.

Which leads me to believe they are trying to prevent blunt object trama if Aunt Sophie gets caught cheating at bingo again.

Squarehead said...

I believe you are absolutely correct. You should consider becoming a detective.

MMM said...

Squarehead- You know, I've said more than once that I missed my calling. Had I not gone into sales I would have made a great detective...or a ballerina...or a fireman. Perhaps not. I heard you sit in your car a lot and do a lot of waiting as a detective. I'd never be able to handle that.

Squarehead said...

Yeah but you get to carry a gun and meet chicks.

MMM said...

Squarehead- I'm offended by your use of the term "chicks".

Shouldn't a detective want to pick up "broads"? Maybe "dames"?