Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bonita 2000 - Present

Cochituate, Massachusetts

We rescued Bonita from a filthy inner-city municipal dog pound in May 2001. She was incredibly frightened, extremely ill and she cost $5.00. We saw her face on, drove to the shelter with all our paperwork proving we were home owners. We even brought photos of our fenced in back yard and were prepared for the usual grilling given to prospective pet owners.

No one asked for any paperwork…All they asked was, “You want to see her before you take her?” I thought “Ummmm…yeah….I’ve never owned a dog before, dude.” But instead smiled and said “Yes please!”

We took her out of her kennel past dozens of barking Pit Bulls and walked her around in the parking lot. I opened up the tailgate of the Jeep to see if she’d traveled in a car before. She jumped in and laid down. That was it. She came home with us.

Bonita has taught me a lot of important lessons over the past 5 years. One is illustrated in this photo I took today in my office: On gorgeous August days when the weather is neither too hot nor too cold it is important to position yourself to keep your face on the cool floor and your belly in the warm sun.


Dave MacIntyre said...

Great shot!

My doggy Bruce was a rescue dog as well. We drove 4 hours north to pick him up when he was 4 months old. He had never played with a ball before we got him...a labrador retriever...can you believe it? The amount of joy he has brought into my life is beyond measure.

Chad Oneil said...

Very nice shot! I like your work.

Squarehead said...

Dogs like Jeeps, Jeeps like dogs. Dog hair looks good on the seats. Bonita......Bella.

MMM said...

Dave- You rock. Thanks for taking the time to teach Bruce how to retrieve! The rescued ones pay you back a thousand-fold, don't they?

Chad- Thanks for stopping by!

Squarehead- ;-) As always, Gracias/Grazie.