Saturday, August 05, 2006

?? X-ing

Framingham, Massachusetts
As I drove carefully through the parking lot I wasn't sure if I should watch out for people using hula-hoops or carrying transparent surfboards.


polona said...


Dave MacIntyre said...

WOW!!!!! Brilliant brilliant!!!! I am ever on the lookout for signs that are unique...this is AMAZING!

Dirty Bunny said...

WTF? It definitely gets people's attention. Maybe that's what they were trying to accomplish...people will slow down to try and figure it out.

Mandy said...


MMM said...
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MMM said...

Hey kids-
I did some digging and found that we are not alone:


Death Valley

String Cheese Incident

It is a jam band conspiracy!

Canadia-eh said...

too funny! perhaps we are being invaded by hula hoops.