Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Holy Mary

Brimfield Antique Show- Brimfield, Massachusetts
Holy Mary, Mother of God-
Please watch over and protect our 1970's barware.


Eric said...

wow. great stuff. makes me want to find an antique flea market for a day with my camera . . . but i know i wouldn't be able to leave without buying lots of stuff i don't need.

whitney said...

There is just something about these statues that I love...I think it's the almost guaranteed contrast you find near them. Lovely.

extraspecialbitter said...

Holy Mary, Mother of God,
Chase the chickens out of the yard!

(the above two lines actually rhyme in New England)

Dave MacIntyre said...

I'm more of an Elvis bust guy, but Mary's not bad. I'd love to see the look on my friend's faces if I poured a beer into that retro glassware! HA! :D

polona said...

amazing stuff!

MMM said...

Eric- Welcome back!!

Thanks Whiteny and Polona!

ESB- How did I KNOW you were going to say that?!

Dave- I remember my parents drinking strange circa 1970 beverages like "pink squirrels and "grasshoppers" from glassware like this! I'll get you a good Elvis bust shot at the next Brimfield!

Trena said...

when we lived in germany during the early 70's, my parents bought a 'smoked glass' set just like this one without the gold filagree, along with a very 'in' teak ice bucket. it was very swanky on their new grundig stereo cabinet. brings back herman's hermits, my mother's blonde wiglet,lavender hot pants, my father's airborne wings, flight suit and dog tags (it was from the dog tags i discovered we were protestant)!
very nice.

MMM said...

Trena, I bet there was harvest gold shag carpeting under that swanky (such a great word!) stereo cabinet.