Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Miscellaneous Cat

Framingham, Massachusetts
Circa 1983
From one of my Cat Of The Month photo shoots.
This shot was a little too edgy to make the cover of the newsletter-
We used a different, softer photo and the little spit-fire hellion got adopted.
I'm sure he gave his new home a run for their money.


Fraser said...

Wow! This would be great framed and watching everyone from a wall somewhere. Good shot!

polona said...

oh, you must love these eyes!

whitney said...

I really do love definately have a gift for taking pictures of these cats. I have never tried, but I have tried taking pictures of my dogs, and it's not easy. Ha. Great work.

MMM said...

Fraser- Thanks!

Polona- Nice interview on Magna poets- now I know what you look like (beyond your left eye!)

Whitney- Get your dog in a good down-stay. Hold your camera in one hand a yummy dog cookie in the other...hold the cookie above your head and snap away! Viola...cute dog picture!

Chad Oneil said...

Very cool and almost creepy.