Friday, June 23, 2006

What A Load of Garbage!

Framingham, Massachusetts
I stood on this railroad bridge while dozens of open railroad cars of garbage slowly rolled to the west underneath me. Where was it all going? Are we the only family that recycles around here?

I was shooting between the wires of a tall chain link fence- clearly put there to curb my urge to do a perfect arching swan dive off the bridge into the garbage....but also annoying because I couldn't get any close up shots.

I saw some interesting items pass below me in those cars- including a mostly deflated soccer ball next to a lamp shade. Had to be trash from some wild World Cup party.


Dave MacIntyre said...

Crazy cool! Love this one.

whitney said...

Very nice...I like this one a lot.

Syann said...

never ending garbage! kind of scary, but makes a great picture

MMM said...

Thanks everyone. Welcome Canadia-eh...hope you will visit again!